What’s your most important word?

by Dallon Christensen

We’ve had multiple snowfalls in the Midwest this week, so I’ve spent plenty of time listening to podcasts as I’ve cleared our driveway and sidewalks. My most recent early morning podcast was the Entreleadership podcast from Dave Ramsey’s team. Chris Locurto is a good substitute for a morning jolt when the coffee isn’t brewed yet!

2013-03-01 bullseyephoto credit: StockMonkeys.com via photopin cc

In the latest Entreleadership podcast, Chris interviews Dan Briton and Jimmy Page. Dan and Jimmy are two authors of the book “One Word That Will Change Your Life” (affiliate link), and this podcast made me stop my shoveling for a few minutes to think about the one word I want to focus on for this year. I thought I knew what that word was earlier this year, but I realized I took too little time to really think about this.

New Year’s resolutions and other broad goal statements usually don’t work. It’s too easy to write down a long goal statement and not follow it. Picking a single word as your “centering word” forces you to think hard about what you want to do in the upcoming year. That word can apply to many different contexts, but it still grounds your thinking and simplifies what you need to accomplish.

I do not know what my word is yet. My wife and I are celebrating our anniversary with a weekend getaway, and this is something I want to consider as we are in different surroundings. In a busy life, I know I need simplicity and clarity. When I find this word, I will take a major step toward achieving those goals.

What will your “centering word” be? Share your thoughts below!

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