Weekend wrap-up – October 20 2012

by Dallon Christensen

Welcome to the weekend! The following items are interesting content or applications I’ve found during my recent research. I don’t go into detail on these, but I encourage you to check them out for yourself. The photo is a recent favorite from Flickr.

Feedburner is going away – Google has announced it will stop supporting its Feedburner RSS system later this month. This article from Social Media Examiner explains options for people like me who must look for a new RSS provider.

Don’t be an a** – Kevin Miller from Free Agent Academy always seems to have catchy titles. This post is a great example of not always just doing what is the “burdensome” thing to do.

Downcast – I’m a big podcast listener, but I am not impressed at all with the new Podcast app in iOS 6. I have seen several very good recommendations on this app and plan to check it out.

Have a great weekend!


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