Weekend wrap-up – December 22 2012

by Dallon Christensen

Happy holidays, everyone! This post highlights some of the interesting things I’ve found during my recent research. I do not go into much detail on these, but I encourage you to check them out on your own if they interest you. The photo is a favorite from Flickr.


Photo from wili_hybrid via Flickr/PhotoPin Creative Commons

Targus Ultralife wireless mouse/presenter (affiliate link) – If you carry a mouse and a presentation “clicker” with you, this would be a good all-in-one option for you. I have had success with Targus products in the past.

Small Improvements web-based employee reviews – Having come from the corporate world, I know how difficult doing employee reviews can be. This web-based tool offers an alternative to traditional employee review methods.

HereOnBiz – If you travel a lot or want to network with your connections when they come to town, this may be a good option. HereOnBiz also has a free iPhone/iPad app.

Have a great weekend!


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