Weekend wrap-up – December 2, 2012

by Dallon Christensen

Welcome to the weekend! The following items are interesting applications I’ve found through my recent research. I do not go into detail on these items, but I encourage you to learn more about them if they interest you. The photo is a recent favorite from Flickr.

SpeakPipe – I now use this for my voice mail feedback for the Making Business Happen Radio podcast. You sign up for an account, install a widget on your website, and your community can record a MP3 file which is e-mailed to you.

Koku – Another entry into the personal finance application arena. This is a Mac and iPhone-only application which gives you significant flexibility for recording your expenses and tracking your account information.

Michael Hyatt on the tools for a platform – Social Media Marketing’s latest podcast features “Platform” (affiliate link) author Michael Hyatt sharing some of the specific tools he uses to design his social marketing strategy and projects.

David Allen explaining Getting Things Done – Anytime you have the originator of a system explain it, you’re bound to learn a lot. Erik Fisher’s outstanding podcast has the master of Getting Things Done explaining the ins and outs of the system made famous by his 2001 classic book (affiliate link).

Have a great week!


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