Guest post – Top 10 change management blogs

by Dallon Christensen

One of the benefits of blogging is the ability to locate and research other content. This guest post from Joel Parkinson is a way for me to give you more great content from around the web. Change management is a critical topic in today’s business environment. Session 34 of Making Business Happen Radio featured a candid discussion of why many change management initiatives fail. These ten blogs will help you find more information on how to manage change in your own businesses.

Joel Parkinson is a writer for the web site, where he has recently been researching project management software. In his spare time, Joel enjoys surfing and running.

2013-03-08 Change Management

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Top 10 blogs About Change Management Tools and Techniques

Change is a word that is constant, and it affects everyone, from people to companies and organizations. If a company or organization does not easily accept, and embrace change, then it could be heading for a lot of trouble. Today, you’ll hear words like “change management” mentioned often in the workplace. What does it mean? Change management is actually an approach towards transitioning, or shifting people, teams and organizations from a current state, to a “desired” state. The process allows people fully accept, and embrace the changes that occur in their work or business environments. Let’s take a sneak peak at a few of the top change management tools and techniques blogs today.

Accenture is a large management consulting, technology services and outsourcing firm, with a major presence on more than 120 countries. The firm collaborates with the customers to help them perform better in businesses and organizations. It also operates a blog on change management, with popular posts such as  “Enabling Sustainable Change Published”, “To Offshore or not to Offshore?” , “Stakeholder Engagement”, “If You Build It, They Will Come” and more.

With change crucial to businesses and organizations, the capacity to adapt and manage change is crucial and necessary for business leaders and managers. The web services blog service contains more than 800 blog items and thousands of news feeds, about topics like change management and more.

Once you log on to the change-management blog site, you’ll see a phrase which says “change is a state of mind”.  It also contains blog written by the finest bloggers on topics like change management.

The Lean Blog started operating in January 2005, and continues to host news, commentary and discussion about what the word “lean” truly means. The blog service was created by Mark Graban, and focuses on topics like lean management in the manufacturing world, as well as in the healthcare industry after Mark moved there in late 2005.

Whether you’re a change manager, consultant or tech guy, this blog service will provide you with ideas on how to support your organization in successfully achieving its goals, and effectively managing change.  The blog also covers change management-related topics that most workers and managers are likely to run into long the way.

Nimble is often described as “the social business blog”. It has blogs which discusses topics that are related to  Customer  Focus, Lead Nurturing Marketing, Small Business Social Media, Social Selling Strategies and more.

Created by Peter Clemens, the Change Blog initially focused on the author’s life story. It has now evolved into a community blog that regularly publishes stories about people from all ages of life, and across different situations at home or in the workplace, as well as on topics related to personal change.

Forrester is a global research and advisory firm that serves clients in business and technology industries. Their blog service covers topics such business process management, business transformation, business process improvement, enterprise resource planning, customer experience and more. is CEB Communications official blog site. CEB is a membership organization that is composed of 350 of the planet’s leading companies and serves more than 13,000 professionals. Their blog service covers topics such as Assessing Key Performance Trends and Risks, Benchmarking Performance and Plans, Establishing Innovating Operating Approaches, Organizing and Managing Critical Talent, Driving Alignment and Support for Change, and Navigating Leadership Transitions.

Ranked as one of the world’s largest and most diverse PR agencies, Ketchum has over eighty years of success, mentoring and leadership.  Its blog service discusses topics such as change management tools and techniques, employee management, communications and learning strategies.

  • Amanda

    I agree with this article. Change is constant and the only way to move on to the desired state is to understand and embrace change. Change doesn’t only defines the process of taking full advantage of the technology but it also includes on the attitude and the actions taken by the users and the subjects.

    Amanda @ blog management

    • Dallon Christensen

      Thanks for the comment! I have always had some list-type posts like this one on my to-do list, but Joel gave me a very good reason to post one. We do need to embrace change and find out how to do it. We are always changing – either forward or backward.

      Have a great weekend!

  • Ed


    Do you have a guess about this company?

    I’m not sure if e-learning for learning business is the right choice. Should I rather try a workshop?



  • ggitchell

    Try for an honest (and at times contrarian) approach to change and the practice of change management and consulting.
    Yes it is my blog, Garrett Gitchell, President Vision to Work, Inc. :-)

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    This has got to be a good example of article fluff… a writer has been paid to create an article which is stuffed with keywords they wish to rank for… the post smacks of someone who has done a quick web search and then written a very lacklustre article on demand.

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