Five Burning Questions – How will you be successful in 2013?

by Dallon Christensen

My final post and Five Burning Questions for 2012 centers on a great image I found via Michael Hyatt. The difference between achieving success and falling short can be as simple as some behavior changes. The good news is we are responsible for our behaviors and how we can change them.

Here are this week’s Five Burning Questions

  1. How can you shift your focus from the latest crisis or “fire” to a higher-level view of what you must get done?
  2. What are your objectives for 2013? Can you create graphs to chart your progress?
  3. How can you keep an ongoing journal of your events?
  4. Who can you rely on to help you achieve more than you can do alone?
  5. What must you learn next year to grow personally and professionally?

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve, and please be safe!


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