Business Accelerator Coaching

Are you stuck in a job you just do not like? Are you looking to experience the challenge and freedom of working for yourself? My Business Accelerator program will help you transform your idea into a great business faster than you think!

Any great team or individual does not get to the top on their own. Even the world’s best athletes have coaches to help develop their strengths and manage around areas of weakness. Why should you be any different as you start your business? I walk with you as you start your path to building a business that fits in your life goals and vision.

I help your business achieve the following results using the Whiteboard Business Blueprint :


  • Starting your business with the right mindset and objectives
  • Improved business and cash flow planning
  • Strategic planning and financial forecasting
  • Business process improvement
  • Implementing new technology and systems
  • Creating a unique brand and market position
  • Developing new revenue opportunities
  • Filling your customer pipeline and improving conversions
I offer the following three programs to help you accelerate your business success.

Six-month startup launch 

A targeted, six-month startup plan designed to help you work on your business. I team with you to build your new business from the ground up and give you the tools you need to run your business with confidence. Through three 75 minute sessions per month over the six-month period, I help you achieve the following items to go from idea to business success.
  • Selecting the right business organization type
  • Obtaining a Tax Identification number
  • Creating a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis and action plan
  • Forming a business model to filter your ideas
  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Creating a business plan with projected financial results
  • Developing an accounting system to track your financial activity
  • Forming a 90-day action plan that you can update to reflect success and new opportunities
This program offers unlimited e-mail support with a promise of 24-hour turnaround time. As part of this program, you will select one Whiteboard educational product for free to help you achieve the success you want from your business.

Whiteboard Foundation Coaching Program

The Foundation Program is a one-month coaching program designed to give your business a jumpstart. Through two focused 75 to 90 minute sessions and unlimited e-mail support, you will gain new vision into your business. This program focuses on delivering a targeted, 90-day action plan for success in the following areas.
  • Identifying your vision for success in business and life
  • Creating the core purpose and values for your business
  • Targeting your ideal customer and how to deliver value to that customer
  • Focusing on the key strategies and activities you need to accomplish for early success
  • Creating objectives and a plan of action to create small victories upon which you can improve your business

Monthly coaching

Two 75 to 90 minute coaching sessions in a 30-day period plus unlimited e-mail support where I help you build upon past success and help develop a game plan for your future business success. Monthly coaching may be a follow-up from the Startup Launch or Foundation Coaching programs or purchased on its own if you are already in an advanced stage in your business. I will work with you to identify a customized set of targeted goals to achieve during the monthly coaching process.