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You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want. – Zig Ziglar, master salesman, author, and entrepreneur

The greatest gift we can give others is the power and ability to improve their lives. I want to help you in this journey. The following resources can help you make your business happen. These are resources I trust from either using them myself or working very closely with associates that have proven that they do great work over time. Check back frequently, because I will regularly update this page.

Educational content (Please note some of these are affiliate links. I fully endorse these offerings from having used them or participated in the programs.)



My friend Kent Julian hosts a twice-yearly speakers “boot camp” in the Atlanta area for anyone looking to create a business through professional speaking. I attended this course in October 2011 and learned so much about marketing, content creation, and building a loyal community. I am proud to endorse the program! Click here to learn more!


48Days is the website of Dan Miller, acclaimed coach and author of the books “48 Days to the Work You Love” and “No More Dreaded Mondays”. Dan and his team have a great store full of products and information to change your career and life. Check out the entire 48Days store here.


I have been a member of Free Agent Academy since 2010. This community has helped me achieve my self-employment dreams and given me a tremendous education in marketing, sales, and the other areas of entrepreneurship I needed to learn. If you are ready to join the rapidly growing ranks of “free agents”, click here to learn more!


Amazon resources home page – This is a one-stop site for Amazon resources to help you grow your business. This site contains a number of business, productivity, technology, and diabetes resources.

Entreleadership – Dave Ramsey’s business site with plenty of great articles and links to the popular Entreleadership podcast.

Inc. Magazine – The website of Inc. Magazine with plenty of blogs, articles, and videos for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur Magazine – The website of Entrepreneur magazine. This magazine has a lot of great tips on franchising if that’s the business model you want to pursue.


48 Days Podcast – Dan Miller’s weekly podcast on finding the work you truly love. I have listened to this podcast for years!

This is Your LifeMichael Hyatt’s podcast with great tips on life and leadership.

Lifestyle Business Podcast – I wanted to start my own business to have more control over my time and lifestyle. Dan and Ian provide plenty of great tips on how to create a business to fir your lifestyle.

Foolish Adventure – Tim Conley’s podcast focuses on Internet marketing tips and product development. As I start my own business to escape the time for money trap, I apply what I learn in this episode to develop my product strategy.

MacBreak Weekly – I’m an unabashed Apple fan. This show has the goods on everything Apple

Entreleadership Podcast – The bi-weekly podcast from Dave Ramsey’s organization. There are always great interviews on this podcast!

Free Agent Underground – The official podcast of the Free Agent Academy.

CoachRadio.tv – My friend Justin Lukasavige made the jump from traditional radio to podcasting two years ago. His podcast has a variety of marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship tips.

Other Resources

Weekly planning schedule –  This Excel file from Michael Hyatt is an outstanding way to plan your week to ensure you remain productive and in control of your time.

Google spreadsheet calendar template – For those of you who use Google Docs/Google Drive, this spreadsheet template is the Google version of Michael Hyatt’s spreadsheet. PLEASE save a duplicate version of this spreadsheet before editing it. If you do not, everyone who clicks on this link will see your planning calendar.