Purpose, passion, and your business playbook

by Dallon Christensen

I have started my business planning for 2013 this week. The last five months have been full of ups and downs, and I have learned a great deal about the rewards and challenges of entrepreneurship. This is the first year I have started my planning well before the new year, so I have time to think about what I want to accomplish in 2013.

All Purpose

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My focus for next year is to better align my business activities with my core purpose and vision for my business. Purpose and vision can be difficult to link to the specific, day-to-day activities you need to execute your business. This is why using a planning system like the Whiteboard Business Playbook is so important. I need a framework around which I can build my business. The Playbook gives me the structure to change and be flexible while mainting a link to all parts of my planning.

Why is purpose so important for business planning?

As I’ve thought about where my business may go in 2013, I keep returning to purpose. Why did I leave the supposed security of Corporate America to run my own business? Why do I want to help my customers? Chris Brogan talked about this topic in a blog post explaining why he is not a “social media guy”. Chris’ purpose is helping people build their businesses. He just happens to fulfill this purpose through social media and marketing consulting and writing.

Here are three reasons why purpose is so important when creating the rest of your business playbook.

1. You will have more satisfaction – Job satisfaction is important no matter what job you have. However, it’s essential when you own your business. You don’t just show up when you own your business. If you are not satisfied with what you are doing, you will earn far less than if you are excited about your work.

2. You can make the right trade-offs between money and other forms of happiness – Many people start their businesses to earn a lot of money. There’s nothing wrong with that. Others, like future Making Business Happen Radio guest Pat Flynn, place a higher prioirity on other factors. Pat has two young children at home, and he builds his work schedule around his life. You can make this work either way, but you must commit to the right trade-offs.

3. You can focus on fewer areas of your business – I have become a strong believer in using a 2 x 2 matrix to focus on a very small number of activities in my business. When I know my true purpose for my business, it makes focusing on the vital few things to drive my business forward more possible.

Without purpose, you will wander aimlessly through your business. You must clearly define your purpose for your business before you can create your playbook for entrepreneurial success.

What is your purpose, and how can you build your playbook to fulfill it? Share your thoughts below!

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