My own pivot point

by Dallon Christensen

Sometimes in life, you have to know when to make the right pivot.

2013 03 25 U turn pivot

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For nearly a year, I have run Whiteboard Business Partners. I have had some significant success, but I have also known the type of company I’ve wanted to work with. I found that company in Evolution Power Tools, and I start tomorrow as their director of finance and accounting. Evolution is giving me the opportunity to work for the type of company my dad has worked for over the last 30 years. I am extremely excited about this opportunity and am looking forward to building a great company with the rest of the team.

I am also starting an exciting new opportunity with Wiley Publishing and their growing Certified Management Accountant (CMA) review program. I currently run my own course using Wiley material, but this opportunity allows me to enter the authorship ranks with a great team and world-famous publisher.

What will NOT change moving forward

  • I will continue to write – Even though I am assuming new responsibilities, I will not give up my writing and blogging. This is something I love to do, and I enjoy learning about the business world. My research and writing keeps me on the front line of new business developments. Plus, wirting is a release for me!
  • I will continue my weekly podcast – One of my week’s highlights is delivering Making Business Happen Radio. I will continue to publish a podcast every Thursday.
  • If you are subscribing via RSS or iTunes, your feed will not change – Do not worry about missing a post or a podcast if you subscribe via RSS or through iTunes. You will continue to get posts and podcasts as I publish them.

What will change moving forward

  • I will change to a new domain – In the next several weeks, I will change to blogging under a personal domain, I’m building the site right now and will move all of my Whiteboard Business blog posts to that site.
  • I will develop a more focused blogging strategy – Each month, I will develop a key topic and deliver all content around that theme. I will start this as soon as I move to the new web site.
  • Making Business Happen Radio will debut a new name soon – I will keep this under wraps for now, but I am rebranding my podcast. I will debut this name in the coming weeks.
  • I will combine my CMA blogging and my general business blogging into a single blog – I have learned that maintaining two blogs is a significant challenge. I will continue to develop my CMA Spotlight podcast, and I will also blog once a week on CMA-related topics.

I will make every effort to make this a seamless transition, but I’m sure there will be a few bumps in the road as I make thing change. I’m looking forward to having a new, mobile-responsive website and the opportunity to build my platform under my own name.

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