My Story

The Short Version

I am a business designer and entrepreneur who helps others make business happen. I escaped from corporate life to follow my dreams and build a business where I can escape the time-for-money trap. I help entrepreneurs and businesses identify profitable business models and products that make the most of their time, effort, and money. I am a nationally-recognized speaker and writer on business and entrepreneurship topics and an endorsed coach in Dan Miller’s 48 Days Coaching Program.

What I believe – no matter what

  • Good enough isn’t – One of my least favorite sayings is that something is “good enough”. While I know I will never achieve perfection, I always strive for excellence in everything I do. Great value does not come from something that is “good enough.
  • Blow stuff up – I’m always on the lookout for trying new things and doing something better. I do not accept the excuse of “We’ve always done it that way” as a reason to not try something different. I will always test ideas to find better alternatives.
  • I teach fishermen – The best entrepreneurs take ownership of their businesses and their results. I want clients who will be accountable and take action to better their businesses. I am not someone who will come in and tell you what to do. I want to teach you the right ways of doing things so you can own the results.
  • Work hard, play harder – I take great pride in my business and helping my clients build great businesses. However, there is so much more to life than just work. I want to build a business that lets me have the discretionary time to spend with my family and pursue other life interests. I help my clients build businesses that let them escape the time for money trap.

Let’s work together to make your business happen!

  • Business coaching – Even the greatest athletes and business leaders have coaches! A coach brings a new perspective to your work and lets you see more than you can see yourself. I walk side by side with you to achieve the goals you outline as part of the coaching process. I will encourage, challenge, and inspire you to achieve more than you can possibly achieve on your own.
  • Business partner program – An full-time business leader can cost your company well over $100,000. I partner with a limited number of businesses as an on-demand management team member. I provide the business planning and operations expertise to let you focus on growing your business and working in your areas of greatest strength.
  • Speaking, seminars, and workshops – I speak on a variety of topics related to productivity, business planning, information technology, and multiple streams of income. I also create customized training programs for business and industry groups.
  • Whiteboard CMA Review –  For accounting and finance professionals looking to advance their careers, the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is a globally-recognized certification that inspires confidence in hiring managers. The Whiteboard CMA Review is a webinar-based program designed to help you pass the CMA exam through a combination of live instruction and discussion with your fellow students using an innovative discussion/social networking platform!

The Long Version

I am a small-town, Midwest native and the son of a small business executive who has helped grow a small seed-corn company into a well-respected regional agricultural organization. Growing up, my dad always was showing me new things he was doing and how his company was finding new ways to grow. That education has always stayed with me, and I want to help other businesses the way my dad has helped his company for so many years.

That’s why I have such a passion for identifying and creating new ways of making money in your business. You spend so much time, money, and energy making your business happen. Your business is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, and you want to build a real business instead of just owning a job. When you escape the time-for-money trap, you create more wealth and discretionary time to spend pursuing your life goals.

My experience with companies from startups to the Fortune 100 gives me a unique insight to how businesses profitably grow. I have a passion for helping businesses move from offering services that require direct customer involvement to building businesses with multiple streams of income and the ability to earn money through product sales and other recurring revenue business models. I will help your business identify the right business ideas to pursue, create a business plan and model to generate income, and identify the right resources and activities to pursue. I specialize in helping entrepreneurs identify the right products and packages to turn knowledge-based companies into business assets with multiple streams of income.

I want you to have the same goals of planning your work around your life as I have. By helping you build your business and focusing on what you do best, you can make your own business happen. Contact me for more information or to set up a free 45-minute consultation.