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This is the page where you can find all episodes of Making Business Happen Radio, the podcast designed to give you the tips and tools to grow your business and escape the time for money trap! The link to each episode is below. Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed or go to iTunes and leave a review.

If you have any questions for the show or wish to leave feedback, please send an e-mail to or call the listener feedback line at (563) 265-1184.

Episode 001 – Welcome to the Whiteboard

An introduction to the show, Whiteboard Business Partners president Dallon Christensen, and what you can expect from future episodes

Episode 002 – Marketing Strategy and Tactics

AJ Perisho from Better Business Growth Faster joins me to discuss why so many business owners ignore marketing strategy and move straight to tactics.

Episode 003 – “We” can make business happen

Best-selling author Kevin Kruse joins me to discuss his book “We” and to identify ways we can all work together as employees and leaders to make our businesses happen.

Episode 004 – Three secrets to great leadership

Joe Lalonde joins me for a revealing discussion of his June 2012 blog post identifying three traits all leaders should possess.

Episode 005 – Networking in a social media world

Bob Calamai from New York University discusses how small business owners can use personal networking to grow their businesses.

Episode 006 – Listener questions on Kickstarter, online content, and business planning

I answer questions about important business topics of the day.

Episode 007 – Designing and planning life and work

Dave Wellman from The Wellman Group joins me to discuss lifestyle design and how you should view “perfect”

Episode 008 – How to build a great speaking business

Kent Julian from Live it Forward is my guest and discusses how he has built a thriving business as a professional speaker

Episode 009 – Take permission to change your business model

Andy Traub joins the show to share how he has changed his business model to follow his passion.

Episode 010 – Where passion and business meet

The Podcast Answer Man, Cliff Ravenscraft discusses his passion for podcasting and new media and how he built a great business.