Four key words for your business planning – MBHP026 (Podcast)

by Dallon Christensen


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Why the Playbook is important

  • An introduction to the idea of the Playbook
    • American football teams have a book full of plays to help achieve their objectives
    • Some plays involve running the football by the quarterback handing the ball off to a running back
    • Other plays involve the quarterback throwing the football down the field
    • Defenses also have a playbook
    • The goal of a playbook is to have a variety of different ways to succeed
      • Football coaches plan and prepare to pick the right plays to succeed
      • However, some plays work and some do not work
    • You need a playbook in business as well
      • You will try a variety of different things
      • Some, if not most, will fail (Dan Benjamin talks a lot about this on his Quit podcast on 5 by 5)
      • Too many entrepreneurs
  • The key words of the Whiteboard Business Playbook
    • Purpose
      • Mission and vision
      • You have to start with “Why” when considering your purpose
      • These work as your idea filter
      • You simply will not succeed at an idea where you have no passion or drive
    • Gameplan
      • Identify what you want to achieve
      • Determine how you want to achieve these objectives
      • It does take some time
      • Make sure you keep a list of “someday/maybe” ideas like David Allen advocates in “Getting Things Done” (affiliate link)
    • Results
      • You need clear, measurable results to know if you are hitting the target
      • This is what the scoreboard does in a sporting event
      • Teams make adjustments based on scores and statistics
    • Acceleration
      • Starting as a freelancer is a great start for many and a livelihood for some
      • However, freelancing is still trading dollars for time
      • To build a business, you have to create ways to build more than just your “dollars for time model”
      • You need to find ways to build more than just one-time, project-based work


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