Five lessons I learned from my first two products – MBHP023 (Podcast)

by Dallon Christensen


Today’s show focuses on the five lessons I’ve learned when creating products. I’ve started to create products to generate leads as well as to help escape the time for money trap. This will be a key theme of Making Business Happen Radio in 2013 as I show you what I’m doing to build a business I can run from anywhere and rely less on projects where I trade my time for my money.

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My business planning is focusing on ways I can rely less on one-on-one freelance work and more on ways to leverage my time and expertise with many people. I am extremely excited about the future of Whiteboard Business Partners, and I will focus more of my attention in my business and on this podcast on how you can build a business instead of just owning a job for 2013.

Benefits of products

  • Establish expertise and credibility
  • Provide value to people at lower price points (Example – David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done” (affiliate link)
  • You can sell products even if you are not actively working one on one with clients at a given time.

Lesson #1 – You cannot create products on your own

  • There are too many moving parts to creating a product.
  • You simply cannot be an expert at everything.
  • Some of the focus areas related to creating a product
    • Website marketing – Check out Marta Goertzen at The Blue Jeans VA.
    • Video editing – Matt Gavenda (mattgavenda (AT) gmail (DOT) com)
  • Products are designed to give you more time, so why spend extra time on things you don’t do so well?

Lesson #2 – Know there is a need before building your product

  • I’ve heard people complain about having to use a computer for all of their work
  • People wanted to use their phones and tablets more for their work.
  • CMA Review – Lots of interest from overseas, but I could not do a live instruction course because of time differences

Lesson #3 – Build an e-mail list

  • I spoke at an event in October and gained over 40 e-mails
  • Be willing to speak or present for free in exchange for e-mail addresses (my friend Kent Julian teaches this in his speaker boot camps)
  • Nuture your e-mail list – Find ways to deliver great content to this list

Lesson #4 – Make your shopping cart easy to use

  • I use PayPal right now, but there are other programs available
  • Money is deposited directly into my PayPal account upon purchase
  • The cart is integrated into my website

Lesson #5 – Make the product easy to use and deliver additional value

  • Create a “Wow” factor, as Michael Hyatt says in “Platform” (affiliate link)
  • My website course has a single password per section
  • The course is available on any platform, such as mobile phones and tablets
  • I am accessible twice a week through office hours

A great additional resource for tips related to product development is Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcast. Pat was my guest on Session #22 of Making Business Happen Radio and has built a tremendous niche on creating passive streams of income.

My guest on Session #24 is Justin Lukasavige of Justin and I will discuss how to rebound from a business setback and how to leverage your time to build a business out of a service offering. If you are interested in having me speak at your next event, visit my speaking page for a list of topics and videos demonstrating how I can make your next event happen. Until next time, I’m Dallon Christensen. Now go out and make your business happen!

  • Marta Goertzen

    Hi Dallon,

    Thanks for the mention! It has been great working with you on your vision for this new area of your business.

    Through our discussions and your podcasts, I’m also learning a lot about my business, building a stronger foundation as well as looking ahead at creating an asset not just a freelance job.

    Thank you.

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