Five tips for your 2013 business planning – MBHP019 (Podcast)

by Dallon Christensen

Welcome to Session #19 of Making Business Happen Radio! This is the podcast to help you become more profitable, productive, and prepared to grow your business. Before starting the show notes, I want to let you know Session #20 will air on Tuesday, November 20. I usually distribute my podcasts on Thursday, but I will move my release date for Session #20 ahead two days to avoid the United States Thanksgiving holiday. My guest on Session #20 will be Steve Grubbs, president and CEO of Victory Enterprises in Davenport, Iowa. Steve and I had a great conversation about his journey to running a very successful business, and his insight will be very valuable for you.

Today’s session focuses on the five things you must do when starting your business planning for 2013. We are in the middle of November as I record this episode, and 2013 is quickly approaching. In order to prepare for 2013, we should all be looking ahead to what we want to accomplish in the New Year. I have five key tips for you to consider as you start this process. I will return to the topic of business planning several more times before the end of the year.

Five things to remember for your 2013 planning

Start with your life goals first

Work-life balance is, sadly, a myth

  • Long-term, balance is important
  • Short-term, we just have too many priorities
  • We must manage our priorities, not our time

Your calendar reflects your priorities

  • Create an ideal weekly calendar
  • Create an annual time block calendar
  • Link to Michael Hyatt’s template, leave a comment if you would like a copy of my Google spreadsheet template

Your planning must be simple

  • One of the books in my three-book diet is “Insanely Simple” by Ken Segall (affiliate link)
  • The great dilemma
  • We value simplicity over complexity
  • We move toward complexity when not challenged
  • If we stay simple, we have a better chance of succeeding.

Your objectives cannot just be financial

  • We all want to sustain ourselves and our families
  • However, only focusing on financial goals clouds our vision
  • We want something bigger than ourselves
  • Financial results come AFTER doing the right things
  • Your objectives must include non-financial targets
  • They must be measurable

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