Guest post – Making your business more personable

by Dallon Christensen

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Some businesses that rely on building a customer base to stay competitive and turn a profit are having trouble adapting to the transparency that the internet provides. Customers no longer have to take the companies word for granted, and a simple Google search can make all of the skeletons hiding in the closet come tumbling down. The fact is being transparent is something that businesses should embrace, for it makes the company much more personable to customers. A personable business is much more appealing to potential customers and being a personable company or business does not just happen; it is something that can be worked on and must continue to be worked on. Here are some ways that help to make a business personable to customers.


Tell the Company’s Story

Every business has a founder and a story about how it got started. Even Walmart, the retail giant who is blamed for putting small businesses out of business around the nation, has a great story about how Sam Walton opened a store in a small town in Arkansas and made it work. Walmart continues to keep the memory of Sam Walton alive with the company’s name, and their “Sam’s Club.” A business’ website should have a page dedicated to telling the company’s story, and if it the story is no good then it should highlight owners or employees within the company – anything to help the company relate to visitors.

Connect With Customers on a Personal Level

Stories help to connect, but businesses need a way to get their stories to the public so that they can connect. Marketing and advertisements have always been the traditional way to do it, but those means are almost always a one way communication of business to consumer. Creating two way dialogue and interactions with your customer base is one of the largest ways to make your business more personable, and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin are some of the best mediums to use. Of course, social media outreach can backfire like it did with McDonald’s “#McDStories” campaign on Twitter, but when used correctly, social media can be an immensely useful resource for businesses.

Have a Consistent Message

As a business branches out with more forms of marketing and advertising on different social media sites it can be tempting to try and diversify the company’s message, but this can alienate more people than it draws in. Take for example. Zappos’ entire marketing campaign is focused on “customer service” and it is something they do very well. Their Facebook page reflects this with customers who post about the great experiences they are having ordering through Zappos and Zappos is actually responding to most of the posts. Their TV ads (which are also hilarious) have the same message when they showcase customer service representatives. This makes it easy to identify the company’s strength, Zappos = Customer Service: plain, simple, and effective.

Creating a relationship with customers with a good story, discourse, and a strong message are three great ways to make a business personable. All of these steps give the company a voice and an image in the customer’s mind that creates an intimacy with the company. These relationships with a customer base are easier than ever to cultivate with social media and multiple venues should be explored, and being transparent and addressing any shortcomings builds a trust with the customer base. There are undoubtedly more ways to make a personable business, and any attempt is one worth looking into.

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