Four links to build your playbook – January 26, 2013

by Dallon Christensen

Welcome to the Whiteboard Weekend Wrap-up! The following links are items I have found during my recent research and are worthy of your continued follow-up. I do not go into detail on these items, but I encourage you to review them if you find them interesting. The photo is a recent favorite from Flickr.

2013-01-26 Links photo

Photo from Albert Offermans via Flickr Creative Commons


Changing your story – Michael Hyatt comes through with yet another great podcast focused on the messages we tell ourselves


Simplifying Getting Things Done – This is a 2007 article from Lifehacker’s Gina Trapani I found during my research and testing of GTD applications for a podcast. It is just as relevant over five years later.


PodiumCue – I give a lot of presentations, and I love having an easy way to have my notes in front of me. This $2.99 app is one I will try on a future presentation.


The best way to outsource HR? Don’t do it. – We all want to specialize and focus our efforts, but Chris Griffiths suggests maintaining total control of your human resource capabilities in your companie.

Have a great weekend!

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