The future of Making Business Happen – MBHP037 (Podcast)

by Dallon Christensen


I mentioned in a recent blog post about how I am pivoting and making changes to my content creation efforts. This shorter edition of Making Business Happen Radio outlines these changes.

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Highlights of the changes to my strategy

  • I am moving my content creation to a single website – For the past four months, I’ve run two distinct websites. I am moving my content to one site, At the current time, points you to the Whiteboard Business site. This will change in the coming weeks. As I make this change, I will ensure everyone subscribed to RSS feeds keep getting content through my new site.
  • Making Business Happen Radio will go through a branding change – I have several interviews under the Making Business Happen name. Once I exhaust those interviews, I will rebrand Making Business Happen Radio. I will keep you informed of when the change occurs.
  • I will focus my writing on more specific themes each month – John Jantsch emphasizes finding a specific theme or overarching topic to center your content each month. I will do this with my own content.
  • As I start the new website, my content will be less frequent than on this site – I have recently started a new position as director of finance for a local company, and I am also developing an exciting new review course for the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) exam. Between the time I published this podcast in late March and the time I complete the review course later in 2013, I will publish content two to three times per week. After I have completed the course, i will increase my content frequency.

What will not change

  • I will cover the same types of content – I will continue to write about creating your success playbook and topics related to the CMA exam. I will not change the overall topics about which I write, but I will change how I focus that content.
  • I will continue to produce two podcasts – I will continue to produce the new version of Making Business Happen Radio on a weekly basis. I will produce my CMA Spotlight podcast on a bi-weekly basis.

Thank you for your patience as I’ve worked my way through my new content creation strategy. Between rethinking how I produce content and my new duties, I have not updated my content as I have normally done.

If you are interested in having me speak at your next event, visit my speaking page.

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